How do I load the Mōvi preset onto my DX7s/DX8?

You can load the .SPM file that is pre-formatted for the Mōvi (M5/M10/M15/Pro/Carbon/XL) onto it. The file will enable/disable all the settings you need on the controller to match how we like to operate as well as the default channel mapping on the Mōvi side:

To put the file on your controller:

  1. Put the appropriate file in the root directory on a formatted SD card and insert it into your DX7s/DX8 while it is powered off.
  2. Hold down the roller wheel to the right of the LCD screen when you turn on the controller. This gets you into the system menu.
  3. Toward the top of this menu set, select Model Select by clicking on the roller wheel.
  4. Scroll to an available model memory and select it. Example: (Model 2: Acro)
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the System Setup Menu and Select Transfer SD Card.
  6. From the SD Card Menu, Select Option and change to Import Model.
  7. On the Select File Menu scroll to the correct .spm file and select it.
  8. Select IMPORT.
  9. You should now be rebooted to the primary Screen with the corresponding Model number and name Mōvi M10 (works with all Mōvi models). This completes the process of loading the Mōvi preset to your radio.

Your controller now has the new preset loaded and you can power cycle your radio controller and rebind it to your receiver.


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