How do I update the firmware on my Wedge?

The firmware and updater for the Wedge can be downloaded from the Software section of the M-Series Support page. To perform the update you will need the following:

  • The Wedge
  • The 1.3mm hex tool and USB cable that shipped with the Wedge
  • A Windows or Apple computer with the Mōvi Controller Firmware Update Tool installed

The process for updating the Wedge firmware is very similar to that of the Mōvi Controller. Here is a refresher article, if it’s been a while since you updated your Mōvi Controller.

  1. Disconnect all LEMO cables from the Wedge.
  2. Using the included 1.3mm hex tool, remove the cover with the USB logo on it, next to the antenna.
  3. Using the included USB cable, plug the Wedge into your computer.
  4. Once the light on the Wedge turns on, indicating power, follow the same process you used to update your Mōvi Controller, and select the proper COM port.
  5. Choose the Wedge firmware from the Browse menu.
  6. Click the Start Firmware button to flash the firmware. Once the update starts the light on the Wedge will go out.

Once the file send process reaches 100%, the Wedge light will flash a range of colors and then return to green (alternating between flashing and solid). The update is complete and you can disconnect the Wedge from your computer and replace the cover you removed in step 2.

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