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We Are Freefly

We admire people who are


We built Freefly from the ground up in just over 5 years without a dime of outside investment. We’ve learned to do more than people think is possible, quicker, and cheaper.


We are building Freefly to be an Evergreen company, a long term hub of innovation. Transparency and building from first principles are key. Good ideas win here.


We see the world differently. We combine technologies in novel ways to drive incredible user value (and smiles!)


Number of espresso machines killed in 2016

Spirit of Freefly

Freefly teams

Freefly is organized into the following teams


Technology Empowering Creativity

Customer Support

Humans Talking to Other Humans


We Know What We’re Doing


Scarf Squad



Profit Sharing

Aligning Freefly and Employees

The goals of this program:

  • Encourage the efficient use of capital by rewarding team for delivering profits
  • Focus team on long term performance
  • Encourages Freefly to distribute excess (unproductive) cash
  • Provides uncapped cash compensation for employees
  • Gives employees the ability to directly control their earnings
  • Establish a culture of financial transparency

Why Freefly?

The atmosphere and working enviroment at Freefly is what makes me excited to come to work every day. Our team has tons of creative energy, talent, and drive to develop the best products possible.

David Thomas, ALTA Group Lead

There is a deep-seated passion that drives everyone here. It doesn’t matter what your background is; Engineering, Design, Accounting, Customer Service, etc…We are united by a passion to bring the coolest products ever to market and have a lot of fun along the way.

Denise Fitzgerald, Director of Customer Service

Technical Program Manager

The Freefly team is looking for an experienced Technical Program Manager with solid technical fundamentals, strong communication, a desire to lead, and a track record of successful product launches. The Program Manager will guide cross-functional teams through the product development process – ranging from requirements definition to product launch. The Program Manager will ensure the team stays on target and executes against aggressive product development deadlines.

Global Supply Chain Manager

As a Global Supply Chain Manager, you will work within a dynamic team to drive product development, purchasing, supplier relationships and inventory management. You will collaborate with our engineering, operations, sales and service teams to address the needs of our customers through supply chain planning and communicating with our suppliers to maintain and improve on-time product availability.

Senior Mobile App Developer

This position is responsible for leading the development and management of IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile applications for configuration and control of Freefly Products.