What are general good practices while using Freefly M-Series LiPo batteries?

  • Store the batteries at room temperature in a cool or shaded area (ideally between 50º-80ºF /10º-26ºC).
  • For optimal performance and extended life, do not allow your battery voltage to drop below 3.4V. It is recommended that you use a voltage checker to actively monitor battery voltage.
  • Stop using or charging the battery immediately if the battery becomes or appears damaged, starts to balloon, or swell.
  • Do not leave the Freefly LiPo battery plugged into the Mōvi while the Mōvi is not being used.
  • When unplugging the Freefly LiPo batteries after charging, please disconnect from the JST connector first. Only unplug the banana plugs from the charger after the battery JST and balance lead connectors have been disconnected.
  • For a more complete list of battery use instructions, please reference the Mōvi Manuals listed at the top of the M-Series support page.

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