Why is the Mōvi Controller telling me, “Freefly FIZ Wedge Not Connected”?

Once you get the WEDGE bound to your Mōvi Controller, and you have calibrated your motor(s), you can control the motors attached to the WEDGE. There are several configurations you can make under the FIZ Axis Cfg menu in the Mōvi Controller, including torque and speed limiting.

If, after 20 seconds or so in the FIZ Axis Cfg screen, the screen flashes, telling you that the WEDGE is not connected, you may not be able to adjust all the parameters in the FIZ Axis Cfg menu.

If you have a solid green light on the WEDGE, you simply need to update the firmware on the WEDGE. The process is nearly identical to how you updated the firmware on your Mōvi Controller. It uses the same software.

This article will walk you through the instructions for updating the firmware on your WEDGE.

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