I am getting low stiffness values for Pan, Roll, and/or Tilt, what can I do?

Depending on the camera/lens package you may be using and any additional accessories you have mounted, stiffness values for Pan, Roll, and Tilt will vary. If you feel your specific camera/lens package mounted on your Mōvi should allow for a higher stiffness values, you should recheck the following:

  1. Power the unit off and make sure you have balanced Pan, Roll, and Tilt axis properly. Refer to your Mōvi Manuals listed at the top of the M-Series support page for balancing instructions..
  2. If you have been using the autotune feature in the Freefly Configurator app, be aware that depending on the Autotune Percentage you start with, you still have some room to adjust the stiffness value manually as well. Remember the goal is to obtain the highest stiffness values for Pan, Roll, and Tilt without getting any vibration/oscillation.
  3. Low stiffness settings can also be caused by an improperly mounted camera package or accessories.  When increasing stiffness settings this can cause oscillation at a lower than optimal setting due to feedback of loosely mounted items.

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