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What do the lights on the M5/M10/M15 charger mean?

Charge Status Light: The single LED next to the toggle switches.

Cell Status Lights: The row of 4 LED’s labeled 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S.

All lights flash RED for 1 second: MōVI Charger just plugged into power.

Charge status light flashes GREEN: Power to charger, no battery attached.

Charge status and cell status lights all solid RED: Battery is connected to charger and charging.

Charge status light RED and 3 cell status lights solid RED with one cell status light flashing RED: MōVI battery is charging, and one of the cells is being balanced.

Charge status light is GREEN and all cell status lights are solid RED: MōVI battery is done charging and the battery can be disconnected.

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