What do the lights on the M5/M10/M15 charger mean?

Charge Status Light: The single LED next to the toggle switches.

Cell Status Lights: The row of 4 LEDs labeled 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S.

All lights flash RED for 1 second: Mōvi Charger just plugged into power.

Charge status light flashes GREEN: Power to the charger, no battery attached.

Charge status and cell status lights all solid RED: Battery is connected to charger and charging.

Charge status light RED and 3 cell status lights solid RED with one cell status light flashing RED: Mōvi battery is charging, and one of the cells is being balanced.

Charge status light and 1S LED alternating flashing: The balance leads are not properly connected (click here for information about proper battery connection) or the battery is completely dead and should be disposed of.

Charge status light is GREEN and all cell status lights are solid RED: Mōvi battery is done charging and the battery can be disconnected.

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