Should I update the firmware on my Mōvi Controller?

In general, your Mōvi Controller firmware should be running the latest version of firmware with support for your Mōvi.

This doesn’t mean that the actual version numbers will match, just that they were released together or we know that they work together. We don’t test all combinations of old and new firmware releases together, just the latest! Best practice: If you update one part of your system, make sure there aren’t newer versions available for the rest of your equipment.


For M-Series users: Version 4.1.3 is the last firmware release for Mōvi Controller that will have support for M-Series Mōvi. If you have an M5, M10 or M15, do not update past this version.

Release notes can be found on our website for version and feature reference, but if you are ever unsure which version you have or need, click on the button at the bottom of this article to contact our Support team:

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