After trying to update my Mōvi firmware, it will not turn on.

“When I turn my M-Series Mōvi on (M5/M10/M15), the three lights come on, turn off, and then never come back on. The Mōvi is unresponsive.”

If the firmware update process on an M-Series Mōvi has been interrupted, it can cause the Mōvi to become unresponsive (often referred to as bricked).

Causes of interruption include:

  • Manually interrupting the update process
  • Interference from other Bluetooth devices in range of the Mōvi
  • Bluetooth signal lost during update
  • Interference from WIFI
  • The battery was low on the Mōvi
  • The battery was low on the device running the GUI (Android device, PC, Mac)
  • There is a screen-saver and/or energy saver mode program running while the firmware update was in progress

If it becomes unresponsive during a firmware update, you will need a jumper cable to reset your system. Your Mōvi may have come with the cable (see photo below).

Click here for instructions on how to use your jumper cable

If you don’t have a cable, they are available in our online store and from our dealers.

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