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Introducing the all new Alta X

We designed Alta X from the ground up to capitalize on the benefits of large, efficient props while maintaining the crisp control and unmatched precision the Alta line is known for.

Pull back the curtain to see how Freefly creates the world’s toughest drones


Designed To Perform

Fly a Mōvi Carbon (20 lb payload) for 20+ minutes, or a max payload for over 10 minutes.

With smaller payloads, flight times can exceed 40 minutes.

Carry up to a 35lb payload while maintaining a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio.



Flight Time


Thrust Ratio

2.5 : 1

Payload Chart

Small Footprint Big Impact

Alta X folds to half its normal size with the push of a finger.

The folding linkages also stiffen the booms to ensure low vibration and precise flight characteristics.

Alta X folding animation



Alta X travels in the same case as Alta 8, carries 175% the payload and goes from case to flight in under 2 minutes.

Alta X Case

Our ActiveBlade design reduces vibration to 1/5th of the normal level.

Reliability Without Compromise

We sweat the details so you don’t have to. Check out some of the tests we created to ensure Alta X will perform day after day in the harshest environments.

Hinge Folding

Hinge Stress

Driving Test

Fatigue Test

Burn In



Real Time


Support Ecosystem

Our customers success depends on our comprehensive and integrated ecosystem that ensures in-field success.

Alta X Support Ecosystem


At your HQ or ours, we will teach you best practices and how we operate to ensure the best chance a success.

Support Team

Realtime and expert help from our US-based support team.

Engineering Team

From custom integrations to advice on adapting your payload to an Alta X, our Engineering team is available and eager to help.

Spare Parts

We stock all important spare parts to keep you up and running. Customers can order directly from our webstore 24 hours a day and in-stock parts will ship same or next day.

Predictive Maintenance / Real-time Aircraft Monitoring

With the optional industrial package, users can have Freefly support and Auterion’s predictive maintenance suite monitoring your Alta X live and alerting you to any potential issues before they become a real problems. Replace parts as needed, not as planned.


We pay attention to what our customers are asking and make it all available for users on our website. No "email for more info" or “our rep will contact you for details” we value efficiency and transparency.


We partner with top companies to offer more valuable and integrated packages.

Alta X is built to carry just about anything with our integrated quick release system on top and bottom of the aircraft.







Mōvi Carbon

Top | Bottom

Alta X + Carbon

20+ minute flight times and perfectly stable images at 240mm.


Top | Bottom

Alta X + LiDAR

30 minute flight times with survey grade LiDAR allows for efficient and high quality capture.

LED Light

Top | Bottom

Alta X + LED

20 minute flights with cinema grade LED allow entirely new ways to light tv / film.

Mapping camera

Top | Bottom

Alta X + Mapping Camera

Alta X creates extraordinarily detailed maps by flying 50 to 100 Megapixel imagers.

We’ve made the software stack equally flexible by using Auterion Enterprise PX4 and supporting the MAVSDK

Auterion Enterprise PX4

The operating system for commercial drones

Support for RTK (including photo tagging)

Automated and hassle-free logging and compliance

MavSDK logo

Control Alta with custom MAVSDK API software which can be used from the ground via radio, or onboard via an expansion computer (not included).

Keep flying safely with the latest software updates.

Expansion Ports

Alta X features 3 battery voltage power outputs and 5V, 12V DC to DC converters to power your payloads. Additionally we break out the following ports for easy access.


PX4 and Dronecode

Freefly has partnered with Dronecode and PX4 to ensure that the innovations found in the Alta flow back into PX4 development and help elevate the performance of the PX4 ecosystem.


Ublox has supplied Freefly with high performance, low weight, and reliable GPS modules throughout our drone program.

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Enjoy the Auterion Operating System and analytic tools for your Alta X. Auterion enables seamless fleet management, tested distributions, and drone analytics designed to make your operations painless.

“Finally a drone without compromise. The Alta X delivers boatloads of power with the same responsiveness as previous platforms.”

- Patrick Weir

Peacemaker Filmworks

Alta X Customer, Pat Weir
Build / Buy

Starting at $15,995 or $250/month