How do I configure my Mōvi to work with the Mimic Beta?

Any Mōvi can be configured to work with the Mimic Beta Controller.

  • Mōvi Firmware
    • M-Series Mōvi must have firmware version 4.02 or later.
    • Mōvi Pro, Mōvi Carbon and Mōvi XL can be running any version of firmware.
  • In addition, adjusting Mimic settings for M-Series gimbals requires using the PC Mōvi App version 3.10 or later, the macOS or Android Mōvi App version 1.63 or later.
  • Mōvi FRX Receiver
    • Applicable for all Mōvi models, it connects to the GCU with a small 5-pin cable.

After installing or confirming compatible firmware is installed:

  • Install the Mōvi Controller Receiver
  • Confirm or change the Mōvi Radio Type to Mōvi Controller – This can be done from the Freefly Mōvi app (PC, Mac, Android) in the Remote Controller Config menu.
  • The values of the other parameters in this menu (Map Remote Mode, etc.) do not matter for this Radio Type and can be left at their defaults.

Currently, the Mimic Beta only works with the Mōvi Gimbal Application setting set to Handheld, not Aerial. This setting is found under the General Menu.


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