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How to realign the MIMIC Beta and the MōVI after pan drift.


Over time the MIMIC Beta and MōVI pan can drift and become misaligned. This can be solved by using Compass Heading Assist.


Both the MōVI and the MIMIC Beta require compass calibrations in order for the Compass Heading Assist to function properly.


To perform a compass calibration on either the MōVI or MIMIC, use the Freefly MōVI App.

  • For the MōVI, Select SYSTEM, then Compass Calibration then open the terminal and follow the text instructions.
  • For the MIMIC, select the Start Compass Cal parameter under the General menu, and click the right arrow to initiate it. Open the terminal and follow the text instructions.


Once both the MIMIC Beta and the MōVI compass calibrations are complete, change Heading Assist to Compass for the MōVI in the Expert menu, and MIMIC in the General menu.

Note: when Compass Heading Assist is enabled, the Pan Freeze button will not function.


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