Freefly Astro Prime Commercial Drone


Ember S5K

Cinematic / Commercial Imaging at 5K 600 fps and 4K 800 fps

Ember S2.5K

Scientific Imaging and analysis at 2.5K 2277fps up to 3563fps

Alta X

Large, efficient props give Alta X crisp control and unmatched precision.

Pilot Pro Controller

Precision in Your Hands, Confidence in Every Flight.


Freefly’s latest commercial drone platform with RTK, 61 megapixel Sony camera, LTE cloud connectivity.

Mōvi XL

Everything great about the Movi Pro plus serious horsepower for the world’s biggest cameras.

Mōvi Carbon

World’s first handheld and drone mountable 5-axis camera stabilizer.

Mōvi Pro

A lightweight, portable camera movement system for world class production quality video.

Wave High Speed Camera

We designed Wave to be the most efficient high speed camera. It’s small, light, and insanely fast.

SL Series Batteries

Powerful. Smart. Open. Adaptable. Efficient. Reliable.


Next generation, long range wireless control for the Mōvi.

Mōvi Controller

Professional grade remote system with full control over Mōvi and settings.

Mōvi Wheels

Add classic wheeled control to your Mōvi system.

Freefly RTK GPS

Enjoy centimeter level precision on your Alta X with Multi-band RTK system.

Freefly Robotics

Combining deep technical insight with creativity to build useful tools for the world.


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