How do I connect to my WiFi enabled Mōvi?

If you have a Mōvi that has built in WiFi, please follow the steps below to connect and configure your Mōvi with a Windows/Apple computer, Apple mobile device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)* or Android mobile device.

  1. Install a Freefly battery and balance a camera payload on the Mōvi
  2. Power up the Mōvi
  3. Once you have solid lights on the back of the Mōvi, open the WiFi settings on device you are using to connect to the Mōvi
  4. Select the Mōvi Wifi Adapter’s network name:“Freefly-XXXX” (SSID will be unique to the Mōvi Wifi adapter).
  5. Open the Freefly Mōvi App
  6. For iOS, you will be automatically connected. For Android/PC/Apple computer, at the top, you can choose connect, and it will give you the option for Bluetooth or WiFi. Choose WiFi.
  7. Configure any available settings on your Mōvi

If, during use, you open your device (tablet/phone) and are not connected to the Mōvi, just go back to step 3 to reconnect.

* While firmware updates can be performed via WiFi on a Mōvi with built in WiFi (not add-on WiFi Adapters), they cannot be done through iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) at this time. A Windows/Apple Computer or Android device will be needed for firmware updates.

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