How to reorient the Mimic Beta with the Mōvi with the Pan Freeze button.

The button next to the right handlebar grip is the Pan Freeze button. The Pan Freeze button allows you to reorient the Mimic Beta with respect to the Mōvi.

To use the Pan Freeze feature:

  • Press and hold the Pan Freeze button and pan the Mimic Beta.
  • While the button is pressed, the Mōvi pan stays locked  in pan orientation regardless of where the Mimic Beta pans.
  • Once the button is let go, the Mimic Beta will continue to command the Mōvi pan movements, but now at a new orientation.

Note: The Pan Freeze feature does not work if either the Mōvi or Mimic are in a heading assist mode.

Note: Do not press the Pan Freeze button while the Mimic Beta is first turning on. Doing so will require a power cycle of the Mimic Beta.

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