How do I know how much charge my M-Series Freefly battery has?

There are 3 lights on the motor control box (the box on the back of all M-Series systems). When all 3 lights are lit, the battery is fully charged, at 2 lights it is 2/3rds full, and at 1 light it is 1/3 full. The unit will shut off by itself before it would allow the battery to drain to a level that would damage the battery. There is also a setting in the app that shows the voltage for the battery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using the battery to power or charge an accessory used with the Mōvi, it is your responsibility to constantly monitor the battery’s voltage through the use of a voltage checker. If the accessory drains the battery below 3.0V per cell, it will damage the battery and render the battery unusable. Never attempt to charge a battery that has individual cell voltages below 3.0V.

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