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How do I update the firmware on my MōVI Controller?

There are a few prerequisites to updating the firmware on your MōVI Controller.

  • You need a computer with an active USB port, running one of the following operating systems: Windows 7 or 8, Mac OS X.
  • You need active FTDI Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers installed. These may already be included in your operating system. If not, they are included in the Freefly MōVI Controller Firmware Update Tool package for each operating system. They are also available at: Drivers/VCP.htm. See Windows or Mac installation instructions for more details.
  • The USB A-A cable that was included with MōVI Controller. The bottom USB port of the MōVI Controller is the one used for firmware updates.

Below you will find the instructions to install the Firmware Updater as well as how to update the firmware on your MōVI Controller. The install process differs slightly between OSX and Windows, so both sets of instructions are provided for each step.

1. The Mac version of the MōVI Controller Firmware Update Tool can be found in the folder on the Software and Manuals downloads page. Double click to extract the .zip file and then double click the resulting .app. If a security warning may appears, open the Security and Privacy section of System Preferences, and click Open Anyway.

The Windows version of the MōVI Controller Firmware Update Tool can be found in the folder on the Software and Manuals downloads page. Unzip the folder and run setup.exe. A security warning may appear. Click Install.



2. After a moment, the MōVI Controller Firmware Updater will start. Plug in the MōVI Controller USB cable as shown above. A new COM Port should appear in the drop down menu. Select this COM Port.



* If the MōVI Controller was already plugged in, the COM Port should already be present. If you’re not sure which COM Port is associated with the MōVI Controller, unplug it and see which one disappears.

* Troubleshooting: If no COM Port appears or if Windows asks for Device Drivers when the MōVI Controller is plugged in, install the FTDI VCP driver included in the software package:

A. Unplug the MōVI Controller and close the Firmware Update Tool.
B. Run CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe from the software folder.
C. Follow the FTDI Driver installation program instructions.
D. Restart the Firmware Update process at Step 1 above.

3. With the COM Port of the MōVI Controller selected, browse for the new firmware file using the Browse button. The name of the file is MCFW_ vX_X_ENC.bintx.

4. With the firmware file selected, click Start Firmware Load. After a few seconds, the new firmware file will be sent to the MōVI Controller. Wait for the progress to reach 100%.

5. Confirm that the new firmware has been loaded onto the MōVI Controller. The version number will be presented in the top right corner of the display. It should match the number that the .binx file was labeled with.

* OSX TROUBLESHOOTING: If the firmware fails to load:

A. Ensure FTDI VCP USB driver 2.2.18 or later is installed (be sure to reboot mac after driver installation).
B. Disconnect all cables (including power and USB) from Controller. Reconnect USB to reboot Controller and try again, starting at step 2 by opening the Firmware Installer from where it installed on your computer.

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