Synapse 3.4.0 | Alta App 1.1

Date Released: October 20, 2015

Date Effective: October 20, 2015

Subject: Synapse Version 3.4.0

Effectivity: All Altas

Require Action: Optional

Time of Compliance: Optional



This Service Bulletin (SB) announces the availability of Synapse Version 3.4.0 and Alta App Version 1.1



Synapse Version 3.4.0 contains the following changes from Synapse Version 3.02:

  • Added motor electronic speed control (ESC) temperature alarm
  • Added recording of configuration settings to datalog files
  • Added monitoring of I2C and CAN data bus faults
  • Added indication in the on screen display to designate between landing and RTH landing states
  • Added support for major.minor.release version identification
  • Added a feature to record a data log file when no GPS date is available
  • Changed the Arm Enable switch to the Disarm Safety switch and removed motor starting lockout from switch function
  • Changed the minimum Velocity and Climb Rate Clamps speed to 0.25 meters per second
  • Changed default Vertical Stiffness tuning value to 11
  • Changed default Yaw Stiffness tuning value to 85
  • Corrected the reporting of negative (western and southern) latitude and longitude values
  • Corrected an issue where the data log would not write fully following a disarm command
  • Corrected an issue that incorrectly reported an error during firmware updates
  • Corrected an issue where Maximum Range and Maximum Ceiling values would revert to 0 during firmware updates
  • Corrected an issue where changing settings in the Alta App would infrequently result in accelerometer errors
  • Corrected an issue where applying the default configuration would remove auto-declination


Alta App Version 1.1 contains the following changes from Alta App Version 1.0:

  • Added Synapse Firmware update feature
  • Added Synapse Version 3.4.0
  • Changed Arm Enable switch to Disarm Safety switch
  • Changed checklists to reflect new guidance in the Aircraft Flight Manual


Freefly is making available a new revision of both the Setup Guide and Aircraft Flight Manual (previously User Manual) that include the changes contained in Synapse Version 3.4.0.


In particular, operators should study the Normal Procedures and the Radio Mapping sections as they contain information on the new Disarm Safety switch. This switch replaces some, but not all of the functionality of the Arm Enable switch.



Synapse Version 3.4.0 is packaged in Alta App version 1.1. Download the update to your mobile device using either Android Play for Android devices, or the App Store for iOS devices.


To update firmware, follow the steps in the Aircraft Flight Manual in the section Firmware Update Process.


After updating, reversion to Synapse Version 3.02 is also possible with the app using the same process.



  • When loading presets saved from Synapse Version 3.02 onto an Alta with Synapse Version 3.4.0. After loading the preset, the App will display a warning that some configuration settings may not have been loaded. This error will display even if all the settings were successfully loaded. Because the warning indication is unreliable in this case, it is recommended to check that all settings are correctly loaded prior to flight. Presets will load without false warnings when the same Synapse Version number is used to save and load them. For instance, if a preset saved in Synapse Version 3.4.0 is loaded onto an Alta with Synapse Version 3.4.0 without errors, an error warning will not be displayed.
  • Motion Booting will toggle to ON when upgrading or reverting firmware. It is recommended to check the Motion Booting parameter after upgrading to Synapse Version 3.4.0, or reverting to Synapse 3.02.

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