Synapse 4.0.5 | Alta App 1.6.4

Date Released: February 22, 2017
Subject: App and Firmware Release Notes: Synapse Version 4.0.5, Alta App 1.6.4
Affected Altas: Alta 6 and Alta 8
Require Action: Required


This Service Bulletin (SB) announces the availability of Synapse Version 4.0.5 and Alta App Version 1.6.4. Synapse Version 4.0.5 fixes a bug related to the Motion Booting feature in Synapse Version 4.0.4.


As described in Airworthiness Directive 17, the release of Synapse Version 4.0.4 included a bug related to the stored gyroscope data referenced by the Motion Booting function. Freefly Systems issued AD17 to recommend operators not use the Motion Booting function until a newer firmware version had been released for public use.

Synapse Version 4.0.5 has fixed the Motion Booting bug and will allow operators to use the function once again.


Synapse Version 4.0.5 does not include operational changes from 4.0.4.


Synapse Version 4.0.5 is packaged in Alta App version 1.6.4. Download the update to your mobile device using either Android Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. To update firmware, follow the steps in the Aircraft Flight Manual in the section Firmware Update Process.

After installing version 4.0.5, perform at least one flight using the normal boot sequence on dry land prior to enabling Motion Booting. When using Motion Booting, monitor the Alta closely during flight for attitude stability and yaw drift, and remember to turn Motion Booting OFF when it is not needed.

The App’s downgrade firmware function has been removed in App version 1.6.4, so reversion from Synapse Version 4.0.5 to 4.0.4 will not be possible.


There are no known operational issues with Synapse Version 4.0.5.

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