Synapse 3.7.6 | Alta App 1.4

Date Released: March, 2016

Subject: Synapse Version 3.7.6, Alta App 1.4

Affected Altas: Alta 6 and Alta 8

Require Action: Optional

Time of Compliance: Optional



This Service Bulletin (SB) announces the availability of Synapse Version 3.7.6 and Alta App Version 1.4. Synapse Version 3.7.6 is recommended for all operators and features important safety improvements.


Synapse Version 3.7.6 contains the following changes from Synapse Version 3.6.0:

  • Added Alta 8 support
  • Added data logging fields
    • Magnetic compass heading
    • GPS jamming data
    • Gyro and accel biases
    • 5V bus status and voltage
    • Radio control channels: Home Switch, Velocity and Climb Rate Clamps
    • Processor temperature
    • Data bus integrity
    • Aircraft serial number
    • Firmware version of flight controller, GPS/Compass module and ESC.
    • GPS type
    • Date
    • LED configuration
    • Radio loss of signal
  • Added flight metrics to data logs
  • Added SD card formatting
  • Added detection of ESC and Power Board firmware version
  • Added overweight alarm
  • Added data bus failure alarm
  • Added three digit version number support
  • Added reporting of ESC and power board firmware version numbers
  • Modified motor temperature limit to 90°C for ESC Version 1.0.1
  • Modified motor temperature alarm to non-latching
  • Modified low battery warning behavior to require low voltage for 3 seconds before displaying alarm
  • Increased maximum position light brightness for ESC Version 1.0.1
  • Improved behavior during automatic reversion from Position to Manual mode
  • Fixed a bug where autoland was incorrectly triggered during aggressive climbs


Alta App Version 1.4 contains the following changes from Alta App Version 1.3:

  • Included Synapse Version 3.7.6.
  • Added Alta 8 support


There are two new alarms that are present in Synapse Version 3.7.6 and are presented on the status light. If an alarm occurs and the status light turns red, land immediately.


First, a new overweight alarm triggers if the flight controller when the flight controller determines the aircraft is overloaded. This alarm applies to both Alta 6 and Alta 8. The alarm uses propeller RPMs to detect the weight, and the alarm is triggered if RPMs are above 4700 in a hover. If this alarm occurs, land immediately and remove weight from Alta.

Second, a new Electronics Speed Controller (ESC) communications alarm is present in the event the primary CAN Bus communications protocol fails between the flight controller and motor ESCs. If this alarm occurs, land immediately and check motor temperatures. When using ESC and power board firmware 1.0.0, do not allow motor temperatures to exceed 70°C.


Synapse Version 3.7.6 is packaged in Alta App version 1.4. Download the update to your mobile device using either Android Play for Android devices, or the App Store for iOS devices.


To update firmware, follow the steps in the Aircraft Flight Manual in the section Firmware Update Process. Firmware updates are only available to Alta 6 operators.


After updating, reversion to Synapse Version 3.6.0 is also possible with the app using the same process for Alta 6.



There is a known issue when adjusting Position Light colors directly following a firmware update or when after applying default settings. In these instances, Position Light colors will not appear in the app, even though they are configured. To resolve this issue, change the light colors to the desired lighting scheme in the app normally. Following this, the light colors will be displayed in the app, and will continue to be displayed properly including after power cycling Alta.

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