Alta 8 & Alta 8 Pro – Discontinued

Freefly announced the Alta 6 with Synapse flight controller in April, 2015, and shipped the first aircraft in August, 2015. We followed up with the Alta 8 just a year later in March, 2016. The Synapse flight controller was designed by cinema pilots for cinema pilots. With its quick setup (thanks to folding booms) and unmatched reliability, Freefly drones have been trusted on film productions large and small, all around the world. We set a standard for performance and reliability, enabling pilots to consistently fly the payloads needed to capture amazing moments in ways never possible before. 

As our answer to the need for pre-planned missions, to broaden how our operators could use Alta, we announced the incorporation of a PX4 flight controller into the Alta 8. In February 2019, Alta 8 Pro was born. With the ability to pre-plan missions with QGroundControl, Alta 8 Pro entered the industrial market backed by the same reliable Alta 8 platform that the cinema industry already loved and relied on. 

The industry preferred the higher lifting capacity of the Alta 8 over the Alta 6, so on ​​August 15, 2019, we shipped the last Alta 6. 

Based on feedback from our users about the Alta 8 and Alta 8 Pro, we developed our new flagship, the Alta X. The first Alta X shipped in September, 2019 and did everything the Alta 8 Pro did and more, with better performance, payload capacity and control. The Alta X is now the go-to choice for both industrial and cinema pilots.

It’s the end of an era, and we are sad to announce that as of March 1st, 2022, the Alta 8 and Alta 8 Pro are discontinued.

  • Availability of Alta 8 / Alta 8 Pro
    • The last new Alta 8 and Alta 8 Pro were shipped from Freefly on February 28, 2022.
    • From now on, sourcing an Alta 8 or Alta 8 Pro will be exclusively through the secondary market (eBay, Freefly Forum, etc), and these units will not carry a factory warranty. This doesn’t mean they won’t work great for you, it just means that if you have hardware or software problems that result in repair, you will be responsible for costs associated (parts/labor/shipping). If you buy a second hand system and want to send it in for service/inspection, click here for more information. 
    • Accessories and batteries can be sourced either on our website or through our dealers while supplies last. If you need or want a recommendation for an accessory, let us know!
  • New Model
    • There are no plans for an 8-boom/motor replacement for the Alta 8 or Alta 8 Pro at this time, though we do recommend that you consider the Alta X for all of your heavy lift needs.

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