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This Service Bulletin (SB) is being issued to announce the availability of replacement boom retention clips for ALTA 6. No action is directly required as a result of this SB.

This SB is being issued to affected ALTA 6 owners.


The ALTA 6 includes boom retention clips that can be latched to keep the booms neatly folded for storage and transportation. The base material of these retention clips was made using a hard plastic. Freefly has found that the carbon fiber booms can be cracked if they sustain a hard impact with the boom clips. A workaround solution was implemented by wrapping a thick rubber band around the boom in order to absorb energy during hard impacts.


A newly designed boom retention clip is now available. The new design includes a soft thermoplastic cap that is over-molded on the boom retention clip. This soft thermoplastic absorbs impact energy and prevents damage to the ALTA due to rough handling when the ALTA 6 is folded.  

The over-molded boom clips will be made available to all ALTA 6 owners free of charge along with your next purchase from Freefly. Simply contact Customer Support when making your next purchase, and we will include a set of replacement boom retention clips and associated hardware with your shipment.


Replacing the boom clips is a preventive action and is optional at the discretion of the customer.

Installation instructions attached below.

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