AD18 Save / Load Config issue when interrupted (2017-3-15)


This Airworthiness Directive (AD) is being issued to alert all Alta users of a bug associated with the saved Presets function of the App that could result in corrupted configuration data being applied to the machine leading to erratic or uncontrollable flight characteristics. Use of saved Presets is not recommended for firmware versions 4.0.5 and previous. No other functions are known to be impacted by this bug.

This AD is being issued to all Alta 6 and Alta 8 owners.


The Presets function (CONFIGURATIONS>PRESETS) allows custom configurations to be stored and applied to a machine to suit the required application.


A bug was discovered where it is possible that an interruption in the wifi link can result in the configuration data being corrupted during the download and stored incorrectly. When this  corrupted configuration is applied to the machine a number of important configuration parameters may have incorrect values applied.


Do not use stored Presets in the Alta App v1.6.3 and previous (Synapse firmware version 4.0.5 and previous) until a new firmware version has been released for public use.  Delete all saved Presets as a precaution.  If any unusual flight characteristics are suspected then normal machine behavior can be restored by pulling the Safety Jumper and restoring default settings (MONITOR>OPEN TERMINAL>DEFAULT CONFIG). Be sure to set up the radio correctly after performing this procedure.

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