Synapse 3.8.2 | Alta App 1.5

Date Released: June 27, 2016

Subject: Synapse Version 3.8.2, Alta App 1.5

Affected Altas: Alta 6 and Alta 8

Require Action: Optional

Time of Compliance: Optional


This Service Bulletin (SB) announces the availability of Synapse Version 3.8.2 and Alta App Version 1.5. Synapse Version 3.8.2 is recommended for all operators and includes important safety improvements.



Synapse Version 3.8.2 contains the following changes from Synapse Version 3.7.6:

  • Aircraft stability is checked during boot.
      • If the Alta is allowed to move during boot (can typically occur if spinning on top of a Mōvi), and the user subsequently enters closed loop flight, the Alta can be unable to resolve and control its position correctly.
      • FW 3.8.2 checks for motion during the boot sequence to prevent this condition from occurring.
  • Cancel RTH by re-centering the home switch.
      • A bug was found where a manually initiated Return-to-Home could not be cancelled by returning the RTH switch to “OFF.” The RTH could be cancelled by inputting cyclic command.
      • FW 3.8.2 allows the user to cancel a manually initiated Return-to-Home when either the RTH switch is re-centered to OFF or cyclic command is input.
  • Remove overload alarm.
      • FW 3.7.6 included a real-time estimate of all up flight weight based upon average motor speed after >10 seconds of accumulated hover. The limit, if exceeded, resulted in a latched alarm displayed on the status LED.
      • FW 3.8.2 has removed the alarm to prevent pilot confusion. Instead, the allowable all up weight can be checked using a new feature in the App (see further explanation in next section below).
  • Set OSD default to type NTSC.
      • NTSC is the default camera configuration for the RMRC FPV camera supplied with the Freefly Alta FPV configuration. Setting the OSD default to NTSC improves OSD overlay.
  • Improved default tuning for height hold and position hold.
      • A parameter in the flight control algorithm (ESC boost) was adjusted in order to improve performance in Height Hold and Position Mode and achieve more stable footage.
  • Removal of spurious errors in the data log.
    • During the first several seconds after spooling motors or at the end of flight after landing, spurious motor errors could be recorded in the data log file.
    • FW 3.8.2 will ignore spurious motor alarms and only report valid alarms.


Alta App Version 1.5 contains the following changes from Alta App Version 1.4:

  • Addition of new feature Weight Check.
      • This feature allows the user to input local temperature and barometric pressure (altitude) in order to calculate the maximum allowed all up weight before takeoff.
  • Addition of new feature Flight Metric Display.
    • After landing, summarized flight metrics can be viewed in the App. In order to view the flight metrics, the user must connect to the Alta after landing and before powering down the Alta.
    • This feature is intended to give the pilot real-time feedback and insight into the performance of the Alta.


There are no operational changes associated with Synapse Version 3.8.2.


Synapse Version 3.8.2 is packaged in Alta App version 1.5. Download the update to your mobile device using either Android Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

To update firmware, follow the steps in the Aircraft Flight Manual in the section Firmware Update Process.

After updating, reversion to Synapse Version 3.7.6 is possible with the App.


There are no known operational issues with Synapse Version 3.8.2. 

There is a known bug affecting data reported in the flight logs recorded on the microSD card available in the compass/GPS module. Summarized flight data is reported at the end of each .csv flight log. The final two entries in the summary are reported as “GPS CRC Fails” and “I2C Timeouts” but are actually “Radio A Dropouts” and “Radio B Dropouts”.

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