SB05 Signal Wire Issue (2015-09-28)

This Service Bulletin (SB) was prompted by internal testing conducted by Freefly. It indicates fatigue damage of motor signal wires is possible with repeated folding and unfolding of Alta booms. This damage may not be detected by the flight controller initialization process, and lead to loss of signaling to motors and a potential loss of control of Alta while it is in flight.

We are issuing this SB because we determined the unsafe condition described previously is likely to exist or develop in other products of this design. It is not possible to non-destructively inspect the extent of signal wire damage.

This issue affects Altas produced before 9/28/2015. We have successfully contacted a majority of owners that this affected, but these affected serial numbers that have not come in for service:

764079, 774666, 389988, 544456, 225220

If you have one of these units, please contact and cease flight operations immediately.

See attached PDF for full details about this service bulletin.

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