How do I charge my Movi?


The Movi has a USB-C port and can be charged with the included standard USB cable or an optional USB C-C cable.

  • USB C-A: Charging from a USB A wall adapter supports 2.5W, which will take take about 8 hours to fully charge Movi. The most efficient wall adapters are those designed for tablets (iPad or Android), as they often provide more than 2.5W, maximizing input and reducing charging time. USB ports on computers are not recommended.
  • USB C-C: Movi supports charging speeds up to 29W with USB C wall adapters. At 29W, Movi will charge in a bit longer than one hour. It’s safe to use a quality USB-C charger rated for more than 29W if you need to, since the USB connection on the Movi will only take the power it needs, but it won’t charge any faster than using a 29W charger. 

You can also remove the included batteries from Movi or charge a spare set with an external charger. This is great to prep a couple sets of batteries for a trip or adventure where you won’t have access or time to charge every day. We don’t sell a charger for 18650 batteries, but they are available online!

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