What do the D-pad buttons do?

When you are holding the Movi in your right hand, you will be able to reach the d-pad buttons with your thumb. For information about the Record and Mode triggers on the front of the Movi, click here.

The D-pad buttons serve different functions, depending on what section of the app you are in. At this time, they are not re-programmable by the operator (though this request is already in our backlog!)

On the Camera Screen (where you capture your video!)

  • Center: Lock / unlock focus and exposure
  • Up & Down: Adjust exposure (brighter & darker). Also locks focus and exposure
  • Left: Preview last recorded clip
  • Right: Switch between available cameras on your phone (standard, tele, wide, selfie).
    • Note: It’s possible that not all cameras on your phone are accessible in the Movi app.

Orbit and Barrel Roll Methods

  • Same as Camera d-pad configuration, however with left and right buttons dedicated to adjusting speed of orbit or rotation.

Preview Screen

  • Center: Play / pause
  • Up or Down: Exit preview
  • Left: Go back 15 seconds (will restart clips that are shorter than 15 seconds)
  • Right: Go forward 15 seconds

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