Can I use lens attachments on my phone with Movi?

Yes! Third party lens attachments are supported on Movi, but you will need to counter-balance the weight of the lens for proper balance. We make counterbalancing easy with the several version of counterweight, depending on the phone you are using and how much adjustability you want.

  • Movi Counterweight (regular): For standard model phones including iPhone XS or smaller, Google Pixel, Samsung S8/S9, Samsung Pixel 2/3 with something as large as the Moment Wide Lens.
  • Movi Counterweight XL: For plus model phones including iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, Google Pixel 2/3 XL, Samsung Note 9, Samsung S8+/S9+, or smaller phones with added filters. Be sure to choose the XL version in the drop-down menu before you add it to your cart!
  • Movi Adjustable Counterweight (Legacy): For all sizes of phones with maximum adjustability for maximum creativity.
    • We also have extra weights available for this kit, in case you are adding filters to your setup.

Please note: We designed the Movi to accommodate a wide range of phones and accessories, but there are always exceptions. Some lenses and lens systems are simply too big and/or heavy to be used with the Movi, and some have too wide a field of view (you end up seeing the Movi in every shot).

  • Fisheye and super wide lenses may be tricky to balance or use without seeing the Movi in the shot, even with counterweights!
  • Lens systems that require a large case (like those from Beastgrip) may not fit or balance on the Movi. For size considerations, take a peek at this article and the included clamp size image.

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