Movi Availability – Where can I purchase?

Movi started rocking and rolling in the mobile filmmaking world when we started shipping in late March, 2018. So many awesome clips and films were created with it and people love having the Movi as a part or all of their filmmaking/memory capturing kits!

To provide a great experience for customers for 3+ years for a mobile phone accessory is a great run but all good things must come to an end eventually. We are sad to say, as of early January 2021, the Movi Cinema Robot is discontinued, permanently and is no longer available for sale.

What does this mean? 

  • Availability
    • We aren’t building the Movi any longer and there are no “new” Movi in the world for sale that we are aware of.
    • Moment may be selling open box returns of Movi while inventory lasts, so you can check with them just in case:
    • Otherwise, sourcing a Movi Cinema Robot to purchase now to the end of time will be exclusively through the secondary market (eBay, etc), and these units will not carry a factory warranty. This doesn’t mean they won’t work great for you, it just means that if you have hardware problems with them in the future, our options to help beyond basic troubleshooting will be limited. Those troubleshooting resources are also available on our website.
  • Hardware Support & Repairs
    • The cost to repair physical or electronic issues with the Movi is prohibitive, and while Movi was in active production we would supply replacement hardware for customers under warranty. Once the warranty expires, Freefly will not be able to repair or replace your Movi if something happens to it. So don’t take it swimming!
    • Cables and batteries for the Movi are non-proprietary and can be sourced either on our website (cables) or online from various vendors (cables and batteries). If you need or want a recommendation for an accessory, let us know!
    • Any accessories we have left (including counterweight kits) will be listed on our store! If you don’t have any of these items yet and think you will want them in the future or want to pick up a second one for spare parts, don’t delay as supply is limited to stock on hand: Freefly Deals
  • Software Support & Updates
    • To make sure that customers operating a phone from our supported devices, we are keeping an eye on the Movi app for iOS and Android. While we are watching for major issues with supported features on those phones (let us know if you have any), we aren’t planning on adding any features or compatible phones to our selection of supported devices.
  • New Model
    • There are no plans for a replacement for the Movi Cinema Robot at this time. We hope that the industry is inspired by what we did, and carries the torch into the future.

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