Firmware update / Connection issues on Android?

Your phone uses a lightweight version of Bluetooth called BTLE to talk to Movi. Bluetooth (Low Energy) connections are managed by the Bluetooth and Location settings.

To ensure that you are able to connect to Movi and perform firmware updates make sure you:

  1. Have Bluetooth on!
  2. In the location settings on your phone:
    1. Turn on Location settings
    2. Set the Location Mode to: High accuracy, High Performance or Battery Saving
  3. Allow the Movi app to have access to your location (we won’t know where you are, don’t worry)
  4. Power cycle your phone and the Movi (turn them off and then back on)


Other Notes

• You can only connect to Movi through apps like the Movi App. Connection to the Movi through the Bluetooth settings on your phone is not possible.

• Movi can be used with a phone while in Airplane Mode. Just turn on Airplane Mode, then re-enable Bluetooth.

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