What are the lights on the Movi trying to tell me?

There are LED lights on both sides of the power button on the back of the Movi, that you can see when you are holding it.

  • The light to the left of the power button is the main led and gives you a status indication.
  • The lights on the right of the power button indicate charge and charging status.

The main LED can show several colors and flashing sequences to communicate the following things:

  • Solid green: Movi is turned on, with the motors active, but the Movi app is not actively recording
  • Blue breathing: Movi is sleeping (click here to find out how to wake him up!)
  • Red breathing (slow flash): The Movi App is currently recording
  • Red fast blink: If the motors aren’t active, this means there is a system error, or your batteries are heavily depleted (you may need a more powerful charger for the Movi, or an external 18650 charger for the batteries). 
  • Purple: Firmware is updating from your phone. Don’t power off the Movi or your phone during the update process!

The white charge/charging LEDs will tell you information about power status:

  • While connected to power via USB, the lights indicate current charge level, with a one blinking light on the right to show that it is actively charging. When charging completes, the bar will be full just before and the lights turn off.  
  • During operation, the lights show how much charge the batteries have. More lights means more charge with each LED indicating roughly 20% of battery charge. When your battery power gets low (around 15%), the last light will slowly blink white, letting you know you are getting close to needing to charge the Movi, or change out your batteries for an extra set. 


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