MCR SB001 Accessory Mount Failure 2018-04-06

Date Released: 6-April-2018

Subject: Accessory Mount Failure

Effectivity: Movi Cinema Robot shipped on 4/4/2018 and earlier

Require Action: Advisory


This Service Bulletin is being issued to alert all Movi Cinema Robot users whose units shipped before 4/4/2018, of a potential issue associated with the ¼ 20 accessory mount on the bottom of the Movi.

Presently, if this mounting point is subjected to a high impact, shock, or acceleration the entire boot can detach from the Movi.


The red colored boot on Movi is retained with 4 ultrasonically welded inserts that are embedded in the plastic frame.  These inserts should retain the boot under all normal operating conditions without issue. However, in our product testing, we discovered that some of these inserts were pulling out of the plastic well below our specified force.  


Depending on the use case, if the boot were to disconnect from the main Movi frame this could allow the robot (and phone) to fall and become damaged.  


There are two recommended approaches for this issue (choose one):

  1. Return Movi for a replacement – replacement time is currently 10 to 20 days (click the link below to start the process)
  2. Only use the accessory mount on a stationary tripod

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