How can I get the most of out of my Mōvi Pro batteries?

Mōvi Pro Batteries power the Mōvi Pro and connected hardware, such as cameras and video transmitters.

  • Mōvi Pro Batteries are 6s 1800mah packs with built in cell balance and power management.
  • Mōvi Pro batteries are designed to last for hundreds of cycles powering Mōvi Pro and camera packages and accessories.
  • Battery indicator on Mōvi screen is for reference only and is not accurate enough to diagnose battery issues.
  • Battery indicator LEDs on battery are for reference only and are not accurate enough to battery issues.
  • If your charger is blinking red / green, that indicates the charger is balancing the cells.

Tips for optimal performance

  • The cells only balance at the end of the charge cycle, thus it is important periodically to leave the batteries on the charger for an extended period of time (1 hour+), to balance the cells. We recommend once a week, always charging in a LiPo bag.
  • To make sure that cells are properly balanced, you should avoid removing the batteries from the charger pre-maturely, before the light turns to solid green.
  • Cells should be stored at 50% discharge when left for one week or more.
    • Battery voltage will droop while in long term storage and should be checked on monthly to maintain 50% charge
  • High storage and operational temps and high discharge currents will shorten the life span.
  • Do not leave the batteries connected to the Mōvi Pro while not in use.

If you have any questions about your Mōvi Pro batteries, please reach out to Freefly Technical Support.

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