How do I keep my MIMIC from turning on during travel?

Any MIMIC running firmware v1.1 or later has a Shipping Mode that can be enabled to keep accidental power-ups from happening during travel. This mode can also be used when storing the MIMIC, to combat idle (parasitic) battery drain. 

To enable Shipping Mode:

  1. Power on the MIMIC.
  2. Press all four menu buttons and the power button at the same time, until the screen turns off.
  3. If you are not storing the MIMIC in a place that keeps the antenna from being pushed or pulled on, remove the antenna during transit.

To disable Shipping Mode: 

  1. If you took the antenna off for transit, put it back on. 
  2. Plug the MIMIC in as if you are charging it, with a USB-C cable and a tablet-style USB wall adapter or other high powered USB power supply. (2.1A is best). 
  3. When the shipping mode is disabled, the red charging light on the MIMIC will illuminate. 
  4. You can disconnect from USB and power up for use, or continue to let it charge. 

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