How do firmware updates work on Mōvi Pro, Mōvi XL or Mōvi Carbon?

The firmware for these devices is updated using the Mōvi Pro App, wirelessly with BLE Bluetooth. New app updates may include new firmware installations.

To update firmware:

  1. Provide power to Mōvi by plugging in a fully charged battery.
  2. Open the Mōvi Pro App
  3. Open Monitor::Updates
  4. The latest firmware included with the app release is compared with the Mōvi Pro firmware. If a new release is available, the app will provide a notification
    • Beta firmware releases will not show as available to install in the standard app, nor will you be notified when a beta release is available. Proceed to the Beta Firmware Page for access to beta apps and firmware updates.
  5. Tap the Install button in the App if an update is available*
  6. Wait until the firmware is loaded and Mōvi has rebooted— Do not power down Mōvi, remove SD card, or walk away with the mobile device during this time.
  7. Reload saved configurations as desired.

The steps for updating a MIMIC are the same, you just connect the app to the MIMIC directly.

*If you are using an iOS device and the app disconnects before the update can complete, you need to update the Bluetooth firmware on your hardware, before regular firmware updates can be completed. This is a simple task and is explained in detail here.


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