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Mobile Apps

MōVI Pro mobile apps come bundled with firmware updates for MōVI Pro, MōVI XL and MIMIC

Beta v2.0

MōVI Pro Ecosystem Software

Freefly API

Freefly's technical support team prioritizes end-user support and will not be able to answer API support requests. Please visit the Freefly Forum API Section for FAQs, additional resources, and bug reports.

Bluetooth Firmware

iOS 11 and iOS 12 updated bluetooth specifications and introduced compatibility issues with the original version of the MōVI bluetooth firmware. This firmware fixes the connectivity issues.


Let us know of the bugs you found or ideas you have for features!


MōVI Pro Manual

Release Notes

MōVI Pro, MōVI XL, MIMIC, MōVI Controller

Velocity Kit Installation Manual

MōVI Wired Control Kit Manual

MōVI Pro Tutorials

Building the Camera

Mounting a Camera

Balancing your camera


App Overview

MIMIC Overview

MIMIC Focus / Iris / Zoom

MIMIC Gamepad


MōVI Wired Control Kit Installation