Mōvi Pro Batteries – End of Life (Dec. 1st, 2022)

When we designed the Mōvi Pro and Mōvi Pro batteries in 2016, they were an upgrade from the hobby-style LiPo batteries of the M-Series gimbals. They were lightweight, had their own latching mechanism for mounting without requiring straps, simple chargers, and a way to quickly check charge state with one click of the button.

These 6S LiPo-based batteries were designed around the power demands of popular cameras available at the time (primarily the RED DSMC and 5k DSMC2 bodies, pre-Weapon), but were quickly outpaced by the power needs of next generation RED and ARRI cameras.

We knew we needed a better battery solution for our customers.  As a part of the Astro project, a new smart battery line was designed by Freefly. The original plan was to develop two batteries at the same time, one for Astro and one for Mōvi Pro. Delays in Astro development (due to numerous constraints in 2020/2021) pushed out the Mōvi Pro replacement battery back. 

But now, it’s time:

As of Sept. 1st, 2022, Freefly welcomes the SL4-Ground smart battery to its Power Systems ecosystem to finally replace the original Mōvi Pro battery!

We’ve taken all the lessons from our original battery systems and other batteries on the market and built a battery platform we are proud of and stand behind with safety, reliability, open standards, and endless uses. You can check out the SuperLight battery system, here.

What does this mean for the original Mōvi Pro battery?

  • We sold Mōvi Pro batteries on the Freefly store until December 1st, 2022. Mōvi Pro battery chargers will continue to be available for the foreseeable future, to support any batteries already in the wild.
  • Any warranty issues you have with Mōvi Pro batteries will be handled by our support team directly (not through dealers/resellers) with one of two options:
    • Replacement shipment of Mōvi Pro batteries (while supplies last).
    • A discount  ($275 off) on a Mōvi Pro SL4 Battery Kit (matching our introductory price on the kit)
  • Mōvi Pro bundles that previously included these batteries (950-00057, 950-00067, 950-00068, 950-00078) are discontinued as of September 5th, replaced with new bundles (with two options that will include SL4-Ground batteries, adapters and chargers).
    • Dealers may still have the now discontinued bundles in stock (new) with the previous batteries, and the 6-month warranties on batteries will be honored when you purchase through a dealer. 

If you have any questions about your Mōvi Pro batteries, or the SL4-Ground batteries, please reach out to our support team by clicking the button below. 


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