What USB adapter can I use with the SL Battery Charger (USB C)?

This is a rapidly developing market. New and better products are coming every day. Freefly has tested several adapters and provided our reviews below (in no particular order). We’ve only included adapters below that worked well for us.

Chargers Freefly has tested that work well with our charger:

Manufacturer and Product NamePart Number100W Ports*Cost (USD)**Freefly Review / Notes
Nekteck 100W GaN USB-C ChargerPD100U-1TGA1$42.99
Single USB-C port only. Solid feel. Worked great in our testing
Apple 140W USB-C Power Adapter1$99.00All Apple USB PD power adapters tested worked well. 140W, 96W, 67W, 35W, 29W, 20W. On the lower wattage or older units, make sure they say ‘USB-PD’.
SlimQ 100W USB-CSlimQ-F1001$59.99Nice and small.
WOTOBEUS 130W USB CPD-061PT1$89.99Either of the first two ports can output 100W if nothing else is connected. Includes extension cable
UGREEN Nexode 100W USB C407371$79.99Top two ports (labeled C1, C2) provide 100W each if nothing else is connected.
Dell Slim Power Adapter – 130W Type-C450-AHOM 166.99Worked well, bulkier than other options but includes a USB C Cable.
Aftertop 200W USB C Wall StationPD-065PT2$129.99Four ports total. Love the flexibility – plug straight into outlet or use the included detachable cord.
WOTOBEUS 200W USB CPD-065PT2$129.99
Same product as the “Aftertop”. Different labeling is somewhat helpful – clearly marks the first two ports as 100W and the others less.
SlimQ 240W DC & USB-C SlimQ-F2402$139.99Includes 20V DC output port, helpful if you have a laptop that takes that. Adaptors available for HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus laptops.
URVNS 200W USB CUGB200W2$121.99Big/heavy unit to not offer an AC cord. Plugs directly into outlet only. Functions well, but may not be for everyone.

If you want to know how your existing power adapter might work for SL charging or if you have your eye on something that’s just not on our list, here are a few things to consider:

  • Be sure to look for “USB PD” on the label. 
  • 65W+ is recommended. 100W will give you the shortest charge times.
  • If an adapter says it’s 100W, that’s the total for all ports. If it has multiple ports, still look at the details for each port. 
    • For example, there are some 2-port 100W chargers which will supply 65W max on one port and 35W max on the other, even if you only have one thing plugged in. 

If you have a charge adapter that you love, let us know! We’d love to post it here.

*Number of ports that can provide 100W output at the same time.
**Prices noted are at time of testing, included for relative reference.


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