Which vibration isolators should I use with my payload on Alta X?

If your Alta X is equipped with a Payload Vibration Damper, you can swap out the standard quick-release 30A isolators for other durometers to fine tune vibration damping performance based on your payload weights or ambient temperatures. Generally, hotter ambient conditions will see better results from higher durometer isolators.

Each Payload Vibration Damper or Alta X equipped with a Payload Damper ships with nine 30A isolators installed, but 40A and 50A isolators are available on our online store. 60A isolators did not prove to be valuable to users, so we discontinued them.

The durometer of the cartridge is indicated on each cartridge. Use the chart below as a general guide choosing the correct isolator cartridges or combination of cartridges for your payload.

* Depends on Payload Sensitivity – run as many isolators as possible.

** Mix and Match different durometers to attain desired vibration isolation qualities. When shooting video it is desirable to run the softest isolators possible without bottoming out the isolators.


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