SB004 Alta X – Boom Strut quality check (7/10/20)

Date Released: July 10th 2020

Subject: Boom Strut quality check

Effectivity: All Alta X

Require Action: Confirm boom strut integrity


This service bulletin is being issued to alert all Alta X pilots to a new pre flight check we recommend.


During a recent test flight at Freefly we had a crash that was unrelated to this issue. During the crash a boom strut broke on an Alta X. This Alta X impacted the ground at 70mph so it was not surprising the strut broke, but it reminded us of how critical this assembly is for the Alta X. We have had no in flight failures of this part but want users to integrate a boom strut check into their normal pre / post flight ritual.

Instructions on how to execute the test


Some key points to convey regarding this issue:

  • There have been no in flight failures
  • The boom struts are critical for flight, so we want to be extra careful with them. They actuate the folding mechanism on the Alta X and hold the motors / props in the open position


  1. Watch the above video and run this test on your Alta X. If you suspect that your Alta X has any issue or are uncertain if you are testing correctly, please contact Freefly for more help.
    1. Items to check during this test as outlined in the instructions video above
      1. Uneven strut bending
      2. Cracking sounds from strut
      3. Strut doesn’t quickly go back to normal straight shape after load is released
      4. Locking levers do not feel tight
      5. One or more of the struts requires significantly less force to bend than the others
      6. With both levers latched, inspect all sides of each strut for any visible cracking

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