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How much does Astro cost?

Currently in production, shipping as fast as we can build them based on reservation order: 

Coming up next (preliminary pricing, subject to change before release), available to be reserved

  • Astro High Res Mapping Kit
    • $17,995 USD
    • Astro aircraft with folding landing gear, props, two SL8-Air Batteries, two SL8 Fast Chargers, a Herelink Controller, a travel case (SKB), Sony a7R IV payload (camera,  Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA, gimbal and adapter/cabling)
  • Astro Integrator Kit
    • $8,995 USD
    • Stand-alone Astro with folding landing gear and props (does not include travel case, controller, batteries/chargers, gimbal, or camera)

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