How Do I change the Mōvi Controller Auxiliary Transmitter mode?

To change the mode of the Mōvi Controller Auxiliary Transmitter (Aux Tx), you will need a small pointed tool to press the firmware (FW) button and a screw driver small enough to turn the channel knob on the Aux Tx.

  1. Connect the Aux Tx to power, either on the Mōvi or the Mōvi Controller.
  2. Decide which mode you want to change the Aux Tx to.
  3. Set the Channel dial to the appropriate channel for your chosen mode:
    Mōvi Controller 0-9
    Redrock microRemote D
    Hocus Axis 1 E
  4. Push and hold down the firmware (FW) button with your small tool, and then push the Bind button.
  5. The light will flash green intermediately, indicating that the mode has changed.
  6. The light will then flash indicating which mode it is currently in:
    • Green flashing indicates that it is in Mōvi Controller receiver mode and awaiting connection with the Mōvi Controller.
    • Green/orange slow flashing indicates that the Aux Transmitter is in Redrock follow focus mode.
    • Green/orange rapid flashing indicates that the Aux Transmitter is in Hocus follow focus mode.
  7. Now that your mode is changed, unplug the Aux Tx to power-cycle it before use in the new mode.
  8. Once you have changed the mode, you can change the channel on the Aux Tx to the desired channel for your Mōvi Controller or follow focus.
    • Follow focus: Only channels 1 through C are available. Channels 0, D, E, and F are reserved for low-power transmitters
    • Mōvi Controller receiver: 0-C are available.

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