How do I get my Freefly gear repaired or serviced?

We’ll do everything we can to minimize your downtime and resolve your equipment issues without needing it to come in for service, including providing available replacement parts. Once we’ve exhausted remote options, the equipment will need to be shipped to Freefly HQ for service or repairs. There are no authorized external repair options.

We are currently offering repairs, service and warranty replacements on the following equipment:

  • Camera Ecosystem
    • Wave
    • Ember S5K
  • Cinema Gimbal Ecosystem
    • Mōvi Pro
    • Mōvi Carbon (all payload versions)
    • Mōvi XL
    • Mōvi Controller
    • Mōvi Wheels
    • Mimic (with LCD screen)
    • SL4-Ground Batteries
  • Drone Ecosystem
    • Alta X (All versions)
    • Astro (All versions)
    • Mapping Payload
    • Wiris Pro Payload
    • SL8-Air Batteries

If you have Freefly equipment listed above that needs service or repair, click on the link below to start the process:

If you just need an annual check up service, and there isn’t anything broken, damaged or not functioning with your your equipment, we offer a check up service on most of our current products. Click below to read more about each of these services and to initiate a request:

Still need help? Get in touch with our support team.

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