How is Pilot different than Bush Pilot?

Pilot and Bush Pilot are both lens control solutions from Freefly, to control motors connected to the Mōvi Pro or Mōvi XL integrated FIZ. They are also compatible with the lens motors integrated into Mōvi Carbon, and can control the internal EF lens axis (focus and iris) on RED cameras through the RCP protocol (with applicable RCP cable). They share some similar functions, but serve different types of users.


  • Both both use the MIMIC as an interface to wirelessly communicate with the Mōvi to control lens motors.
  • Both pull power from the internal MIMIC battery


  • Bush Pilot has physical hard-stop that cannot be removed. The hard-stop in the Pilot focus module can be removed by the user
  • Bush Pilot is a simple input device that can switch between lens axis, but cannot control multiple at once.
  • Pilot can control 3 lens axis (focus, iris, and zoom) at the same time
  • Pilot Focus module has adjustable damping, for user configurability
  • Pilot is modular and can be physically arranged to suit the needs of the operator
  • Pilot has user-definable buttons on the modules
  • Pilot has a built-in 13mm monitor mount

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