Freefly Ecosystem

Freefly has designed a versatile, modular, and adaptable ecosystem to allow filmmakers to operate in whatever way is most productive for them. This means you can use MIMIC, Mōvi Controller, Pilot, and the Mōvi XL app to distribute control of gimbal pointing, FIZ, and camera controls in whatever way makes sense for your shot.

Explore the Mōvi XL Ecosystem



Freefly launched our MIMIC Beta at NAB in 2015 and the industry was amazed by the precise and natural control the technology offered users. MIMIC is at the heart of Mōvi XL and allows users long range bidirectional control of Mōvi pointing, settings, camera controls, and real time telemetry. MIMIC also allows gestural control of Focus, Iris, and Zoom axes.




Think of Pilot like a MIMIC on steroids - complete pointing control of the gimbal combined with industry standard inputs for Focus, Iris, and Zoom. Pilot features adjustable focus knob damping, and a 2 axis force joystick that can be used for gimbal pointing, zoom, or just about any lens axis.




Freefly has tightly integrated the Mōvi XL with RED cameras to allow users access to RED camera controls from six hundred feet away using Mōvi Controller, Pilot, or MIMIC.


Built in FIZ / Power

Mōvi XL features the world’s smallest, fully integrated, 3 axis lens control system built into the camera stage. Control all 3 channels with either the Pilot, Mōvi Controller, MIMIC, or a combination of the 3 systems.