Internal Wiring

Mōvi XL features internal wiring to prevent damage / snags during usage. We also included protective ‘e-chain’ for pan wiring and designed the wiring with serviceability and in-field replacement in mind. Each motor features a hollow shaft to allow users to easily route cables through the gimbal.


Modular Construction

Mōvi XL features the modular and expandable design that Freefly is known for. This means users can tweak, tune, and adjust the Mōvi XL for their specific application.


2 Sec. Boot Time 10 Sec. Autotune

Seconds count on set. Mōvi XL boots in 2 seconds, and autotunes in 10 seconds. Go from zero to shooting in under 15 seconds.



Mōvi XL features Freefly’s advanced Autotune which automatically finds optimal tuning and filter values in under 10 seconds. Tuning gains will no longer be a part of gimbal operations with Mōvi XL.



Mōvi XL updates camera pointing one thousand times per second. This means stable shots in the most demanding environments.


Real Time User Feedback

Mōvi XL gives users real time data that allows them to optimize performance. Motor temperature, error codes, balance, and rf strength are all available via the app or Mōvi Controller.