Hot Swap Batteries

Mōvi Pro is designed from the ground up to minimize downtime on set. Hot swappable intelligent batteries power the Mōvi Pro, camera, and all accessories to keep you shooting all day long… with only one type of batteries to charge.

Mōvi Pro can power camera and accessories

Power Camera and Accessories

Mōvi Pro represents a new era of simplification. The two 25.2 volt Mōvi Pro batteries provide power for the Mōvi as well as the following accessory power ports:

Camera D-Tap Port 12-15V Adjustable, 6A Max Current
Spine D-Tap 12V, 1A
Tilt D-Tap 12V, 2A
Tilt USB 5V, 1A

Intelligent Batteries

Mōvi Pro Batteries strike just the right balance between size, performance, and usability. They give users instant status information via an integrated 'fuel gauge' and feature a host of battery management and protections built into the pack. We include 2 batteries and 2 chargers with every Mōvi Pro to keep you shooting.

Screen/Power Indicator

Mōvi Pro features an integrated screen on the back of the Mōvi Pro, giving users quick access to vital information and the ability to tune/adjust parameters on the fly without needing to use a phone or computer.

Tilt Mode
Pan Stiffness
2x torque

Power and Control

With twice the torque of the first generation Mōvi motors and high resolution encoders, Mōvi Pro’s custom designed direct drive brushless motors are up for any challenge.