What are the dimensions of the Toad in the Hole Quick Release?

There are a few different products with different versions of the Toad in the Hole, to suit the needs of varied operations.

  • Toad M3 (Male Adapter) – 910-00026.
    • We typically mount this to a Ninja Star or directly to a table top, crane, jib, canoe, or multi-rotor craft, etc, (Alta aircraft ship with an incorporated Toad male adapter), to provide a mount point for your Mōvi (M-Series, Pro or Carbon).
    • It has M3 fastener options (both threaded for M3 x .05, and pass through)
  • Toad in the Hole M3 Quick Release Receiver (for Mōvi) – 910-00625
    • The receiver component for the Toad M3.
    • Includes M3 x .05 fasteners for mounting to Mōvi pan motors or anything with the Freefly standard square mount pattern (32mm square)
  • Toad in the Hole M3 Quick Release Kit – 910-00027
    • Includes both the M3 Receiver for Mōvi and the Male Toad.
    • This kit includes a hybrid Male Toad that has 3 fastener options: M3 pass through, M4 pass through and M4 x .07 threaded.
      • This Toad is not directly compatible with Flowcine adapter plates unless you drill out the 3.2mm holes on the adapter to accommodate M4 fasteners that can thread into the Toad.
  • Toad in the Hole M4 Quick Release Receiver (for Alta) – 910-00626

These images may vary in size depending on your browser and are not necessarily to scale. 

910-00026 – bottom view  (Toad M3)

910-00027 – bottom view (Toad Hybrid)


910-00027, 910-00625 – bottom view (Receiver M3)


910-00027 – side view (Receiver M3 with Toad)

910-00626 – bottom view (Receiver M4)

910-00625, 910-00626 – side view (Receiver M3 & M4, no Toad)



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