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In the Box

  • Mōvi Carbon
    • Panasonic GH5S
    • Fujinon XK 20-120mm
    • 2x MōVI Pro Battery
    • 2x MōVI Pro Battery Charger
    • MōVI Controller Receiver RP-SMA (Pre-installed)
    • 2.0mm Driver
    • 2.5mm Driver
  • Schneider Compact ND Kit 114mm (ND 0.6/0.9/1.2)
  • Schneider 4.5″ Round Clear Ultraviolet
  • Aux UART to FRX Cable
  • Mōvi Ring Pro II
  • MōVI Carbon Travel Case

Size and Weight

Total Weight with two batteries19.2lbs
Total Weight without batteries17.8lbs
Mōvi Carbon Dimensions410 x 345 x 425mm (L*W*H)


Integrated FIZ (requires Mōvi Controller or Pilot, sold separately)

Camera Package

Panasonic GH5S capturing 10bit 4K footage at a up to 60P on internal solid state cards


Customized Fujinon XK 20-120mm lens (~40-240mm effective focal length) for sharp, vivid images


Utilizing the Toad in the Hole, Mōvi Carbon can be mounted to the included Mōvi Ring Pro II, or to optional ALTA 8, Tero, or 3rd party vehicle mount equipped with a Toad.*

* Alta 8, Tero, vehicle mount & Toad are sold separately.

Kit Checklist

Suggested accessories for a basic dual-op setup

Freefly Products

  • Mōvi Controller
    • 13mm Dual Quick Release Mount
    • 2x 13mm Mounts
  • FIZ Controller (Suggested)
    • Pilot or Mōvi Controller
  • 25mm Pop-n-Lock (For attaching Wireless Video TX to Mōvi Carbon)

3rd Party Products

  • SD Card (Class UHS-II or higher)
  • Wireless Video RX/TX (TX requires HDMI input)
  • IDX Battery for Movi Controller