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Built to Fly

Alta Pro is a professional drone designed for demanding applications.


Customize PX4 flight code to your needs, or control Alta with DroneCode SDK. Add custom payloads and accesories quickly and easily.


Over thousands of flight hours Alta has earned a reputation as the industries “toughest drone.”


Alta goes from case to flying in under 5 minutes.

Flight Modes

Manual  /  Height Mode  /  Position Mode  /  Return-to-Land (RTH)  /  Waypoint Mission mode

13.6lbs Weight

20lbs Maximum Payload

1325mm Unfolded Diameter

660mm Folded Diameter

145w/kg Typical Specific Power

1.85 : 1 Thrust Ratio
(at max weight)


Each and every Alta endures a barrage of component and system level tests designed to weed out items that do not meet our strict quality control levels.


Beyond the lab and into the unpredictable real world

32Component Tests

8Mechanical Tests

16Software Tests

10Flight Tests

66Tests Before Shipping


Circuit Board Tests / Inspections

Xray test, visual inspection, in circuit test, functional tests, conformal coating (waterproofing)


Mechanical Tests / Inspections

Adjust motor endplay, validate prop balance, inspect critical dimensions (motor mount, prop hub)


System Level Tests

We invented the Alta Combined Test to ensure we only ship the best. Each Alta is subjected to a 2+ hour simulated flight that stress tests the machine and compares real time performance metrics with exacting thresholds. Any system that is out of limit triggers an instant fail.


Simulated Flight

After passing the AC test we test the Alta on the weeble to ensure the flight controller is responding properly and all controls and responses are accurate.


Pilot Tests

The final test before your Alta ships to you - a human flies the aircraft and ensures precise and predictable flight performance.


From case to landing, we’ve honed every step of the Alta Pro experience to give the pilot an edge over the competition. Freefly’s proprietary motors and motor drives give Alta Pro drones unmatched capacity. Pilots can turn on a dime while carrying industry-leading payloads.

Battery Tray

Our modular battery tray allows users to mount batteries on the top, bottom, or both sides of the aircraft. Dual battery straps allow sub 1 min battery changes.

Ground / Sky View

The Alta Pro provides two quick release mounts both isolated from vibration allowing for payloads to be mounted on the bottom or the top for the most possible use cases.

Vibration Isolation

Freefly pioneered the adjustable o-ring isolation design on the CineStar, and we’ve improved it further for the Alta by upgrading the design to be tool less and quick release.


The Alta weighs in at 13lbs, carries a 20lb payload and folds up to half of its unfolded size.

Weather Resistant

The Alta features a lightweight molded plastic enclosure to cover the flight control and power distribution board to protect them from the elements.

Receiver Bay

The Alta Pro provides two fully enclosed receiver mounting bays to keep these sensitive components protected and dry.

F45 Motors and Drive

Using sinusoidal drive motor controls with proprietary control algorithms developed by Freefly. The motor drives are custom tuned to match the F45 and are optimized for speed, reliability, and robustness.

Case to Flying

Designed to make your life as a pilot easier, Alta arrives in a custom pelican case and is ready to unfold and fly.


Our quick release system can be mounted to almost any type of payload – allowing unparalleled speed, flexibility, and creativity in what you can fly.

“Alta Pro is everything we love and trust about Alta 8, now smarter, more precise and future-proof. From cinema to industrial applications, we’re excited to have this aircraft in our lineup.”

- Drew Roberts, Wild Rabbit Aerial

Built to Perform

Alta is equally at home carrying a cinema camera or a high resolution LiDAR.





Alta Pro runs PX4 flight stack which gives users complete control. Build custom firmware innovations if you have the in house engineering team, or choose high level control of the drone using Dronecode SDK.


Easily control Alta Pro using high level programming (python, swift, etc).

Control via Dronecode SDK using companion computers or over RF


Options gives users up to cm level positional accuracy by measuring the phase of the carrier wave (in addition to the information contained in the GPS signal)





Mōvi Controller


Long range via laptop Android, tablet and phone

Full control via tablets and phones

Medium range WIFI


All platforms

Quick and intuitive to plan routes

Realtime status

Mission command center

Vehicle setup and fine tuning


Ground & Pilot School

Come to Freefly to learn our procedures for safe, reliable, and high performance drone operations. We will teach you all the tips and tricks we have picked up operating drones over the last 20 years in the toughest environments around the world.

Onsite Pilot Training

If you can’t travel to Freefly, we can travel to you to teach you on location. Train your team with a Freefly expert to help ensure a successful program.

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Freefly has partnered with Dronecode and PX4 to ensure that the innovations found in the Alta flow back into PX4 development and help elevate the performance of the PX4 ecosystem.


Alta Pro runs PX4 flight stack which gives users complete control. Build custom firmware innovations if you have the in house engineering team, or choose high level control of the drone using Dronecode SDK.


Ublox has supplied Freefly with high performance, low weight, and reliable GPS modules throughout our drone program.

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Enjoy the Auterion Operating System and analytic tools for your Alta Pro. Auterion enables seamless fleet management, tested distributions, and drone analytics designed to make your operations painless.


FUJINON cine lenses offered by Fujifilm achieve superb optical performance and have been used at movie / CM / TV production sites around the world for their advanced scene-depicting capability.

Build / Buy

Starting at $15,995 or $250/month